Vondelpark - ‘California Analog Dream’ (Factory Floor Remix)

08 Apr 2013

Factory Floor step into the lab with Vondelpark single. 


Vondelpark Factory Floor Remix California Analog Dream

RFB has listened to Vondelpark's 'California Analog Dream' take on many guises since the track first emerged back in 2010 and Factory Floor's out there remix may well be our favourite. 

The gloomy London trio have expertly removed the original's blissed out R&B edge, replacing it with a tense tech-indebted synth beat that ultimately bursts into a beautifully dark dancefloor tune. 

Listen to the Factory Floor remix of Vondelpark's 'California Analog Dream' below. 

Vondelpark play the following UK dates. 
09/05 - Islington Mill Factory - Manchester
11/05 - Spring Attitude Festival - Rome, Italy
17/05 - Sneaky Petes - Edinburgh
24/05 - London Calling Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands
25/05 - Field Day - London
28/05 - Green Door Store - Brighton
29/05 - A Nation Of Shopkeepers - Leeds
06/06 - Bungalows and Bears - Sheffield
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