What the hell is going on? #19: Andrew WK Week

15 Dec 2009

still charging at christmas faster than a plastic replica of the milan cathedral toward silvio berlusconi’s face, tonight sees the second of rockfeedback’s pair of yuletide shows with peggy sue playing a boat on the thames for us, and what’s more, it’s only bloody andrew wk week isn’t it?!


We might still be yawning from the 10 Years of ATP Festival  (Sunn O))), The Magic Band, Shellac!  Oh my f**king GOD!) and filming The Futureheads playing beneath our office last night (reports of both to follow), but we’re not slowing down one bit.  Continuing to charge at Christmas faster than a plastic replica of the Milan cathedral toward Silvio Berlusconi’s face, tonight sees the second of Rockfeedback’s pair of yuletide shows, this time featuring Peggy Sue headlining a bill that also sees some secret guests, Curly Hair, Tristram and DJ Goldierocks promise to bring a party Rockfeedback style to the Tamesis Dock boat in Vauxhall, London.  More details exist, and a very limited number of tickets will be available on the door.  Is a door to a boat called a door, or is there some kind of nautical term for it?  Did we mention it’s on a boat?  A bloody boat!

Other than the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Bethlehem exactly 2009 years ago to the day (but then... if the BC / AD changeover occurred when Christ was born, how come New Years Day comes six days after Christmas?  WAIT A MINUTE!!!), the festive season can also be useful to us as a time of reflection, contemplation, meditation even on the bigger topics of life.  Who are we?  Where are we going?  And what will we find when we get there?

The answer to all of these, if you are Andrew WK, is PARTY HARD.  This week on Rockfeedback TV is Andrew WK Week (Andrew W[ee]K, if you like), which finally sees the broadcast of our three part feature on the singer / motivational speaker / record producer’s talks at Madame JoJo’s in London last year.  In it, we discuss at length with Andrew all manner of topics you might not necessarily have associated with his hitherto most well known persona, such as the fact that he was once a member of Wolf Eyes, produces records for the likes of Sightings, is a supremely talented classical pianist, and has played bass for Current 93.  We also bring with us footage of the lecture, which details Mr WK’s fascinating musings on a life of hedonism, spiritualism and determinism, and the revelation that Andrew WK might not actually be Andrew WK at all.  Part one is up now, part two follows on Wednesday, and Friday brings with it part three.  Seeing is believing.

We’re off for Christmas after this week, though updates will occur sporadically throughout the festive period.  Many of these come in the form of lists of things placed in a hierarchical order denoting their quality (*my favourite!*), starting with our run down of the 50 best records of 2009.  As I say, we’ll pop in now and again over Christmas, but if we manage to miss you or you miss us, we’ll just say thanks to all the readers, bands, labels, PRs and contributors to Rockfeedback for an amazing 2009, have a wonderful break (see you at our New Years Eve party with Johnny Flynn and Ed Harcourt?), and PARTY HARD!


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