What The Hell Is Going On?: #52:  RFBX & Offset Festival

02 Sep 2010

the site starts a month-long run of unique articles to celebrate our tenth anniversary with maximo park’s paul smith telling us about his favourite obscure record, plus we look forward to this weekend’s offset festival by chucking a load of esoteric, difficult and witty guitar music (just the way we like it) on the telly player – hyrst, o.children, good shoes and kong do the honours.


Hey mate.


Ten years ago this month, Rockfeedback was launched on to the internet by a fifteen year old Toby L, who was most likely wearing only his boxers at the time (and is quite probably wearing only his boxers right now).  As you’re probably aware already, we’re throwing a big party to celebrate in the real world, but in this virtual world we call Rockfeedback Dot Com, we’re rejoicing in our own special way too. 

Every day throughout September you can expect something unusual, special or unapologetically misty eyed to be thrust on to the front page, starting with Paul Smith of Maximo Park’s contribution to our ‘It’s Genius, I Swear’ series, the column where we get artists we admire to write in as self indulgent, geeky and enthusiastic terms as they can about records they think we might not have heard.  Paul starts with Pullman’s lost classic Turnstyles and Junkpiles, and you can expect the likes of Le Tigre, The Charlatans, Bombay Bicycle Club, Dead Kids and loads more to contribute eulogies to their favourite obscurities over the coming days.

Back in the real world (this is all a bit like that film Inception, isn’t it?  Except, y’know, good...) we’re looking forward to Rockfeedback DJs (“like a cross between ATP and your Dad at a wedding – TimeOut) spinning some tunes at Offset Festival this weekend, and as such dedicate our Rockfeedback Telly player to artists performing at the best bash in Essex, starting on Tuesday with unique footage of the unclassifiable Hyrst recording their debut album live in session, moving copme Wednesday on to O.Children (pictured) playing the second ever Rockfeedback club night at the venue that would very much become our home, The Lexington in London, and on Thursday unveiling footage of Good Shoes whipping the crowd at the 2009 Underage Festival in to a chaotic mess of limbs and witty modern indie.  For good measure, we chuck in recent Club Rockfeedback headliners, the inimitable Kong, on Friday – they might not be on the bill this year, but the Offset boys have promoted a fair few of their shows over the years, so coherence remains tighter than a gnat’s chuff.  No arguments.



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