What The Hell Is Going On? #62:  Eno, Errors, Olof Arnalds & The Hold Steady

17 Nov 2010

three gems of footage from the end of the road festival via errors, olof arnalds and last year’s headliners the hold steady feature this week on rfb.tv, plus we’ve records to give away from our artist of the week brian eno, and heartily recommend a visit to ja ja ja at london’s lexington tomorrow evening if you want your monthly fix of nordic sonic trickery.


Hey mate.

A few gems from one of our favourite festivals – namely The End Of The Road– crop up on Rockfeedback TV this week.  We started on Monday with a set from Errors (pictured) – signed to Mogwai’s label Rock Action Records, their Glasgow brethren operate in a similarly leftfield but far pacier, more jittery manner than their mentors tend to muster these days.  We caught up with them at the festival in September of 2010, where they performed live and engaged us in what can only be described as a conversation.

Today (Wednesday) it’s the turn of something far more serene to soothe one’s ears.  The music of Ólöf Arnalds ranges from the simple and beautiful to the celestial and otherworldly. Hailing from Iceland, she’s also a member of transcendental electronic band Múm, and her last album was produced by Sigur Ros’ Kjartan Sveinsson and Davíð Þór Jónsson. While Sigur Ros sonically explore the cold soul of the endless Icelandic moor, Ólöf Arnalds provides a shelter from the freezing cold with her warm voice and her gentle arpeggios. Here she performs a duet exclusively for Rockfeedback, acoustic and on location at this year’s festival.

Come Friday, we feature a performance that’s vintage End of the Road – The Hold Steady headlining the 2009 event to a crowd nothing short of rabid.  Though the festival’s rightly unapologetic about being largely focused on the more serene end of the guitar rock scale, The Hold Steady’s rollicking run through some textbook barroom brawl rock shows that the EOTR crowd know how to let their hair down with the best of them when the occasion calls for it.

Elsewhere on the site, we dedicate our Artist of the Week slot to Brian Eno in celebration of the release of his spectacular new ambient masterwork Small Craft On A Milk Sea, and what’s more, offer you the chance to win a copy of what is his first record for the Warp imprint (a match so perfect that Kate and Wills are already considering knocking it on the head – topical!)

If you’re in London tomorrow and like Scandinavian things (name me a bad Scandinavian thing – exactly), we’d heartily recommend showing your face at the Ja Ja Ja night held at our home of The Lexington in Angel.  For this edition of the monthly night of the best in Nordic music, Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi records has curated a line up of acts that includes Lara Runars, Champagne Riot, Niki and the Dove and a disc-jockeying turn from the man himself.  We’ll be filming for Rockfeedback TV, and are happy to provide you with more details to whet your appetite.



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