What The Hell Is Going On? #63: Spectrals, Quack Quack & UI

24 Nov 2010

a trio of acts who run the gambit from lo-fi psychedelic pop to timpani heavy post rock via prog, jazz and funk take over rockfeedback tv these next few days, whilst teeth of the sea – our band of the week – delicately walk us along the line between liars and jean  michelle jarre.



Hey mate,


This week on Rockfeedback TV began yesterday (Tuesday) with an appearance from Spectrals at a Club Rockfeedback evening at our home venue of the Lexington in Angel.  Enigmatic as his title suggests, Spectrals is a 60’s influenced noise pop project fronted by one man, simply known as 'L'. Accompanied here by a full band, he played a reverb-soaked set of lo-fi psychedelic pop that sounds like it could have been recorded at Gold Star Studios in 1965, if all the equipment were malfunctioning.  We also managed a pre-set chin wag about how all his tunes are written about one crush he had as a pining, pathetic youth.

On the surface, Leeds trio Quack Quack– who feature on RFBTV today (Wednesday) – seem to exist in some animated part-prog, part-post-rock indie hinterland, but closer inspection reveals a tight-knit instrumental trio who, in absorbing and acknowledging everything from dub, jazz, funk, and electronic music, subvert all tidy enclosures of prog-this or post-that.  Like Spectrals above, they also featured at a Club Rockfeedback Lexington show, from which this footage an interview is pilfered.

I think that’s enough time in the Lexington for one week though – so we’ll take you off to Barcelona on Thursday for a set from UI at the Primavera Sound festival, shot earlier this year.  Pronounced ooo-eee, the American post rockers reunited for a series of dates in 2010 to remind the world that banjos, tubas and timpani were criminally underused in modern alternative guitar-based music, and that the only thing better than one bass guitar is, surely, two bass guitars.

Our band of the week this week are similarly unconcerned with pandering to convention – we take pleasure in introducing to you Teeth Of The Sea, a group who are accurately described as ‘like Liars crossed with Jean Michele Jarre’ by Stan Morgan’s feature.  Their second LP Your Mercury is released this week, and it’s sure of a place on our albums of the year list – the running order of which we’re currently arguing like total gits about.



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