What The Hell Is Going On? #65:  Records of the Year, Jessie J + Wildbirds & Peacedrums

15 Dec 2010

it’s my favourite time of the year – music placed in a hierarchical list denoting its quality relative to other music released in the past 365 days time!  did somebody say party?!  on the telly player we’ve also got exclusive session footage from jessie j (already a 2011 brit award winner), and wildbirds and peacedrums performing with a full choir to watch over you guys whilst we’re off for christmas.


Hey mate,


It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, people were going completely f*cking mental because there’s just SO MUCH GOING ON.  Not only are we streaming Everything Everything’s Union Chapel gig this evening live to iPhones and iPads (the first time such a thing has EVER been done!), but we’ve also got all this going on over Rockfeedback.com way...

Firstly we should draw your attention to a young lady called Jessie J (pictured).  She’s already tempted over two million pairs of eyes towards the YouTube video for her song ‘Do It Like A Dude’ (that’s four million eyes!) and gotten a nomination on the hugely influential BBC Sound of 2011 list, but today, further praise was lauded upon this precocious youth when she landed the 2011 Critic’s Choice Brit Award, beating James Blake and The Vaccines in to shameful second and third places respectively.  Given that she’s winning awards in a year that hasn’t even started yet, we thought it’d be worth getting her down for another of our exclusive Rockfeedback Sessions – head here to make your mind up as to whether the hype is justified.

Already underway this week is our long-awaited annual records of the year countdown.  After much heated debate, the Rockfeedback team couldn’t agree at all on what our favourite fifty albums of 2010 were, so it was up to me – like the blood hero that I am – to put the argument in to some kind of order.  Did I do a good job?  Start the bickering with parts one and two.

This will be the last ‘What The Hell’ before Christmas, but I’ll leave you in the safe hands of one of my favourite bands – our extended artists of the week, Wildbirds & Peacedrums.  The duo’s Rivers LP features highly in our aforementioned records of 2010 countdown, and as such we’re dedicating this section of the site to them all the way through the Christmas break, and furthermore unveiling an exclusive documentary on the Bishopsgate Institute gig at which they were accompanied by a full choir.  Check back on Saturday for that, but for now, bask in the glory of a Rockfeedback Session and footage of a performance with a 20+ strong drum circle, all amidst Charlie Hearn’s lovingly crafted biography.

We return on January 3rd – huge thanks as ever to all the readers, contributors, labels, PR companies and bands who continue to make Rockfeedback such a total joy to be a part of.



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