Yumi Zouma - Alena (Listen)

08 Oct 2014


"We'll make out with whoever...." - oh Yumi, you just seem too nice though.

This is not a one night stand - fondling high on vodka red-bull - this is true love. Despite an array of Ministry of Sound Ibiza compilations bleeding into new Yumi Zouma track 'Alena', there's a lot of heart on show. Smart electronic/indie outfits, like Hot Chip and Phoenix, have always perfectly negotiated the balance between making people dance and connecting more intimately with their listeners. The Auckland via Paris group have succeeded in doing exactly that here. Sentiment rides on the waves of frigid piano and a hypnotic trance beat. Youth in harmony, when the house piano kicks in "it's true that you will never see me feel better..."

'Alena' is out on Cascine now. Yumi Zouma play Birthdays on November 10th. Buy tickets here.


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